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Sebbahi Solutions Ltd.

Meet Sebbahi
Solutions Ltd.

We provide clients with quality construction related solutions and management services for all project needs.

Welcome to Sebbahi Solutions Ltd., your number one source for industrial and residential solutions. We're dedicated to giving you the very best of service, with a core focus on consultation service, design, project management, health & safety management and strategy within the construction industry.​

Our Mission & Vision

At Sebbahi Solutions, we take great pride in our excellent workmanship, competitive fees, and the ability to deliver outstanding results. Since our founding, we’ve worked hard toward building and maintaining a stellar reputation as a recognised U.K based company.

We have proudly helped and supported a number of individuals and organisations  across the country.


We provide clients with a wide range of services to cover all their needs. No matter what your project might be, our team of professionals is ready to bring your dreams to life.

Sebbahi Solutions vision is to support clients across the globe, providing them with the very best reliable services.

With our drive, passion and skills, we know anything is possible.

Call us today and see what we can do for you.

Sebbahi Solutions - Bringing your ideas to life


Safety & Security

At Sebbahi Solutions Ltd. we really take care of our clients safety and security of their projects. Right from an H&S point of view to how we handle data and information. 



We understand that being transparent is extremely vital when dealing with projects. That's why we have learnt to adapt ourselves to work transparently that suit client needs.  


Growth & Innovation 

There is no future without growth and innovation. That's why at Sebbahi Solutions Ltd. we are forever implementing new ways of working to keep up with the working world.


Team Work

Team work makes the dream work. At Sebbahi Solutions Ltd. we are great at collaborations with our clients, working together to achieve your project goals. 


Community Outreach

At Sebbahi Solutions Ltd. we enjoy engaging with communities in activities to enhance the communities way of lift but also build a better understanding with our surroundings. 



Anything is possible under great leadership. We are here to guide, motivate, help you plan, give you direction with your vision & help you find solutions no matter what the problem is. 

Our Story

Founded in early 2020 in the United Kingdom by Irfan Ali, Sebbahi Solutions Ltd. team-members have come a long way from their beginnings. When Irfan Ali first started out, his passion for technical solutions and engineering drove him to build a team so that Sebbahi Solutions Ltd. can offer you competitive services but most importantly, support their customers achieve project milestones to a satisfactory level.

We now serve customers all over the world, and are thrilled that we're able to turn our passion into our own business.

Our team follow professional industry procedures to assure you're receiving the best service. Our team has years of experience in modern design & drafting software applications. We follow agile and waterfall management approaches that suit your business/project needs.

We hope you enjoy our services as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation service.

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