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Assessing your Health and Safety Training.

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Health and safety training helps promote productivity in the workplace. But what makes it so essential is, it might save lives and prevent unwanted injuries which plague a number of UK businesses each year.

According to HSE, a government body tasked with declaring health and safety rules, more than 200 people die each year in work-related accidents in the UK. Another one million workers suffer various levels of injuries from mild to fatal due to work. In addition another 2 million people get sick or their illnesses get worse due to their jobs. Take for instance, people who have asthma. Asthma ailment often gets worse due to stress. When the sufferer is stressed out at his job, the frequency of asthma attacks would probably increase.

UK regulations require that health and safety training is provided at work. Accidents and health problems are preventable if the firm takes necessary steps to help their employees have suitable working conditions. To help the employees retain what they learn from the training, it is important that they are provided with other tools that can help them such as health and safety training videos, manuals, posters and booklets. These materials can augment what the workers learn during the training sessions. Also, the tools such as health and safety training videos make access to information easier and quicker.

Effective health and safety training can help ensure the employees' safety. It also encourages a culture of safety at work. As a result, productivity and competency are promoted.

On the part of the company, they are able to provide their legal duty to make the workplace a safe place for their employees. This can minimize possible costs associated with injuries and occupational health problems. Not to mention lost productivity, inferior products and demoralisation among staff.

To make health and safety training effective, it should be complemented with other helpful procedures such as assessment of health risks inside the workplace, methods of manual handling including safety when it comes to lifting loads, procedures of handling chemicals, electrical appliances, coping with fire hazards and other basic safety requirements.

Health and safety hazards can come in any form even psychological causes such as stress and bullying could contribute to it. It is the company's responsibility therefore to ensure that the employees are being protected from physical or psychological problems that can cause them health problems. This move will not only be beneficial to employees but will greatly advance the interest of the company as well. A healthy and happy employee is the best resource of a successful company.

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